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About Bioresonance Health

It's been the start of a new and exciting chapter in my life! 

I left a very stressful job in 2018, started going to interviews for a new position and in the process decided it was time to also take more care of my health.  I was about to accept a job offer when I came across an amazing health scanner which set me on a new path.  

My Story…

I had a particularly debilitating bout of Glandular Fever in my early 20's when I was training to be a Nurse at St. Bart’s Hospital in London and have had to watch my health quite carefully since. I learned that as a young person, it’s not always easy to know how ill you are. I knew I was not 100%, I kept having sore throats and tonsillitis but I carried on working my shifts until one day a Staff Nurse on the ward I was working told me I didn’t look well and to go home. I went back to my parent’s home and an ENT Surgeon, who happened to be a neighbour, examined me and said my spleen was so enlarged it could rupture. He thought I had Glandular Fever. I made an appointment to see what turned out to be ‘a very unfriendly doctor’ who told me there was nothing wrong with me without examining me but reluctantly allowed me to have a blood test. The blood test confirmed I had Glandular Fever and I ended up spending many, many weeks very unwell at home trying to recover.  

Throughout this period of my life I turned to alternative health to help me on my road to recovery and I have always had a real interest in the immune system, hidden illnesses and how to keep well in a natural way. I was very very lucky to have supportive parents to help me through this difficult time.

I have always worked really hard throughout my life. As a conscientious person I tend to put in 110% to everything I do. My levels of fatigue have been frustrating, particularly when I was bringing up two small children whilst running a business from home that had me working through the night! I am not one to run to the doctors but as I could hardly lift my head off the pillow in the morning and kept falling asleep in the evening I did make a few visits to try and find out the cause of my tiredness.  

Tiredness is a hard one, what is normal tired? How do you get your doctor to take notice? I had blood tests and had periods of taking iron but eventually when I ended up having IV transfusions of iron in hospital I decided enough was enough. After more blood tests a Haematologist told me that I had probably been anaemic for about 10 years!

I hear of many people who can’t get to the bottom of ‘not feeling well’ with symptoms that are frustrating and debilitating with visits to the doctor that don’t provide an answer. Poor health can have a huge effect on people’s physical and mental wellbeing.  Symptoms are often not visible to family, friends and work colleagues and people often struggle on and feel that they can’t talk about it much.

Introducing Bioresonance Scanning ...

As I sat looking at the UTUBE video demonstration of the scanner last year I felt truly elated.   The scanner ‘Shines a light on hidden illnesses’ as the scan identifies areas of inflammation in your body and also reveals the viruses and bacteria in your body and the state of your immune system. 

If I had had access to the information that a BIORESONANCE SCANNER provides earlier in my life it would have been truly invaluable to my wellbeing.

I booked a scan and the rest is history!

I now own a Bioresonance Scanner and the Express Health Check for checking essential mineral and vital vitamin levels in the body and am working with and have been trained by Kevin Davies, the UK Distributor www.BioHealthTech.co.uk

It's been an amazing journey so far for me and my health and I am really enjoying helping people to see what is going on inside their bodies and empowering them to take responsibility for their own health and their own journey to feeling better! I am working with Kevin to make this health technology and treatment more available to people in the UK and in the process am enjoying doing something that really makes a difference. I work with Kevin Davies at the Poole Centre which opened in 2019 and also independently in the Christchurch area at The Bay Tree Health Centre and can also travel to your home if required.

If you are interested in having a scan or finding out more please give me a call on Tel: +44 (0) 7736 970330 or send me an email.

Nicky Buck - Bioresonance Health