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We offer you simply the best comprehensive Health Check and Bio Health Body Scan available today!  


Automated Full Body Scan & Treatment in the same session, Pathogen Discovery, Strengthen the immune system.

We help people to improve their health using Frequency Medicine.

The Bio  Resonance System completes an automated full body scan, 'shining a light' on what's going on inside, showing the areas under stress that need immediate attention. We then go on to treat over the year and help to restore balance.  If you have been searching for a better way to manage your health, the Bio Health Scan could provide the answers you have been looking for.


Check Essential Mineral & Vital Vitamin levels, take out the 'guess work' and discover the vitamins and minerals your body is using and also information on other health areas including the immune system and PH level (Acid/Alkaline balance).  Armed with this information you will be better placed to make informed choices about supplements, lifestyle and diet.

Sessions available in Christchurch, Dorset or at your home.  Book an appointment TODAY!

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Instant Health Insights

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